MacGregor Dojo early days

Some MacGregor Dojo members and sensei Roman after the class.

(left to right) Senpai Paul, sensei Dominic, sensei Gary and sensei Roman

 MacGregor Dojo

Sensei Roman at his MacGregor Dojo,

Brisbane Australia with sensei Gary O’Neil

after a very interesting training session  (1996)

In the Year 2000 I decided to move back to Poland.

 After only a couple of months in Poland I opened a Kyokushin Karate  Dojo again in my home town-Szydlowiec. My new dojo was established in cooperation with Kancho Matsushima Director of International Organization Matsushima. In November 2001 I was awarded the title of official Branch Chief. During my stay in Poland I built my dojo from the ground, meanwhile working hard to established a strong IKO Matsushima Branch in Poland. I also organized two international tournaments in my home town, as well as organising the first, “Matsushima Cup” in Warsaw, together with the members of our Warsaw dojo.

In the year 2003 I past the exam for 4th dan, which was conducted by Kancho Matsushima in Belgium.


In the Year 2005 I relocated with my family to Birmingham U.K. At the very first opportunity I founded a Kyokushin Karate dojo in Birmingham; at the same time I establishing the  IKO Matsushima Branch.

During this time fighters from my dojo took part in numerous World and European Championships, as well as numerous local tournaments. During the World Championships in Japan in 2008, I passed the grading for my 5th. Dan in front of Kancho Matsushima. Then, in 2015 I had another opportunity to do a grading, this time in Sweden, and after a 6 hrs. test I was awarded the rank of 6th dan.